Company Name Stock Code Logo FT Tools IR Site
JGC Corp 1963 Top Investors IR Site
Comsys Holdings Corp 1721 Top Investors IR Site
Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd. No.1 in Homebuidling 1925 Top Investors IR Site
Obayashi Corp. No.4 in Revenue 1802 Top Investors IR Site
Sekisui House No.2 in Homebuilding 1928 Top Investors IR Site
Shimizu Corp. No.2 in Revenue 1803 Top Investors IR Site
Taisei No.3 in Revenue 1801 Top Investors IR Site
Kajima Corp No.1 in Revenue 1812 Top Investors IR Site

Audiologiks Reboot

What has been developed to showcase information on Japanese companies, and aggregate information about them, and the sectors that they are active in. We aggregate content from mainstream and sector-specific media sources about companies in the Nikkei 225 index, their International competitors, and industry events.


I post images of company slides, presentations and videos using third-party sites such as Flickr, Slideshare and Youtube, as well as other sites.

Asahi Group Holdings: Description of Businesses

Media Sources

We use articles from and link to many media sites, including the ones below in order to highlight wider trends affecting Japanese companies.

Trading Markets Dealbreaker Dealbook Seeking Alpha
The Trade News Asiamoney Risk DWT


We also have links to company websites, presentations, webcasts and news articles in Japanese and English on their business results and plans. The goal is to provide links to materials for presentations, for research purposes, and to produce content on Japanese companies.

Super Derivatives Nikkei Structured Credit Publisher of Advanced Trading

Unique Areas of Content Aggregation:


By using, visitors can speed their search for results information on Nikkei 225 companies, logo images, and other content that can be used in presentations, reports or other research. We try to put all content on a company within 2 clicks of reaching the website, with links to industries and then links to the website, IR information and logos.

  • Links arranged by Industry Definition for Companies in the Nikkei 225

  • Links to Third-party Media or Research website sections with information about Nikkei 225 companies, such as Morningstar

  • Daily news items on Nikkei 225 companies

Thank you for visiting, and if you have any questions, please email editor (a)



”リテール・ライセンス部門の「商品プロデュース・ライセンス事業」 におきましては、販売先との

「ネットショッピング事業」 におきましては、商品構成の見直しによる粗利率の改善や提携先の拡


クロスボーダー部門の「海外転送・代理購入事業」 におきましては、転送事業、代理購入事業とも

「グローバルショッピング事業」 におきましては、欧州にて先行開始した留め置きサービスの米国


スマートフォンアプリの「知育コンテンツ配信事業」 においては、ダウンロード数が50万を突破
また、「投資育成事業」 においては、北米地域における最先端のインターネットビジネスの発掘や

Audiologiks and the US Equities Channel

What does Audiologiks Do?

We enable people and companies to get closer engagement with customers and teams via audio. Our team designs interactive voice-enabled applications to inform meeting attendees and receive feedback from attendees while allowing organizers to measure how successful that engagement is.

What Problem does Audiologiks Solve?

We use audio to solve the problem of:
1. How to amplify the impact of meeting/event information for attendees?
2. How to extend the value of meeting/event information both before and after the event?
3. How to measure the results of the event and the impact of information presented?
4. How to increase the value attendees perceive from the event?
5. How to personalize a large event for a select audience?

Example of a Meeting/Event Audio Application
Put audio of speeches, discussions or talks on the web accessible via a phone number
Listeners call in, press an access code, and the audio plays
No clicking on screens, just dialing in and input a code

Enables tracking of attendees/listeners via phone numbers
Enabling SMS contact in some cases
No concerns about browser/OS/device compatibility when posting audio

Users can choose from a menu of choices or just input an access code
The audio can be accessed from fixed-line, mobile or web phone application
Attendees can record questions and organizers can listen to the questions for response


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